August 7, 2015 – Collaboration With Integrity Strand

August 7, 2015 (1 pm Pacific Daylight Time) First I WISE webinar – Collaboration With Integrity Strand

This webinar was led by Dr. Laura Peticolas (Director of Multiverse, Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley) and Dr. Nancy Maryboy (President and Executive Director of the Indigenous Education Institute). It featured the Native Universe webinar about the `Imiloa Intensive experience, a journey on the Big Island of Hawai’i, that was the initiation for participants of the Native Universe: Indigenous Voice in Science Museums, a NSF funded project. The journey explored the deep community roots and inspiring example of the `Imiloa Astronomy Center, University of Hawai’i, Hilo, which has a mission encompassing both Native Hawaiian and western science worldviews.  The video was narrated by Executive Director Ka’iu Kimura. Other Strand leaders are Vicki Coats (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry), Marcia de Chadenades (San Juan Islands National Monument), and Laura Peticolas (Director of Multiverse, Space Sciences Laboratories, UC Berkeley).

The recorded webinar can be found here: Collaboration With Integrity Strand Webinar


Drs. Nancy Maryboy, David Begay, and Laura Peticolas also recommend their book as important reading for this strand: “Cosmic Serpent: Collaboration with Integrity

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