Strand Discussions


Roles and Responsibilities

Strand Leaders: – Provides an introduction and targets key topic areas that will provoke discussion.  Drives conversation, facilitates the group, and guides the conversation to keep it on track.  Participates in development and implementation of pre-conference engagement, as well as, facilitates discussions at conference.

Strand Support: – Helps to capture, digest and synthesize key themes and questions that emerge from the dialogues.  Provides a summary of discussion, and helps to lead and build on knowledge being shared.  Keeps energy flowing and positive.  Documents and records discussions via flip chart documentation.

Strand Synthesizers: – Captures and digests overall key themes and questions that emerge from the strand discussions.  Provides a summary of discussions to the larger conference community.

Strand Discussions & Driving Questions

Holistic Education

Collaboration with Integrity

Environmental Sustainability

Next Generation Youth

Cross-Cultural Evaluation