The IWISE Logo was created to reflect the collaborative partnership of the IWISE team.  The team leadership includes:

`Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo, HI

Indigenous Education Institute, San Juan Island, WA

Native Pathways, Laguna Pueblo, NM

The outer circle design represents prayer feathers; since the design is circular the prayers are sent in all directions.

  • Within each prayer feather there are lines that represent rain; 8 lines for the 8 directions that are reflective of the directions seen among indigenous people.
  • Within each prayer feather there are two dots; these represent the Piko-place of emergence for the Hawaiian relatives; Sipapu- place of emergence for the Pueblo relatives.

The Parrot is a relative that unites many indigenous communities and is found within many migration stories, art forms and community-based knowledge systems. The parrot in this environment honors the spirit of the Hawaiian communities, as the `Imiloa Astronomy Center is the lead institution for IWISE.  It honors the spirit of the Indigenous Education Institute, an all Indigenous institution, as it is the second lead institution for I WISE. Both of these are situated in water-based communities. The parrot also honors the host, land-based, communities of the Southwest. The parrot design can be seen on Pueblo pottery.

The parrot is holding a fern or evergreen which is a significantly spiritual plant among many indigenous communities. At the end of the fern are more prayer feathers.

The wing of the parrot represents the waffle gardens found among the Pueblo communities.

The design found in the mid section of the parrot represents a plant.

The 3 colors used in the design are used to connect earth, night and day.